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The BookWrom

BEIJING BookWrom:Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing


Reading is thirsty work and we don’t want you getting parched among the parchments.
The Bookworm bar staff are on hand to proffer your desired elixir as you continue turning the pages. Frothy cappuccino, strong espresso, refreshing tea, multicoloured cocktails, cold beer, fruity shakes, full-bodied reds, crisp whites, chilled bubbles for those unexpected celebrations…now, what can we get you?

Five Fabulous New Tonics
We have consulted a nutritional expert who has created a range of healthy drinks, each specially formulated to benefit a specific part of your body.
Consisting entirely of natural ingredients handpicked at the market each morning, these terrific tasty tonics will soon have you feeling perky and revitalized.


The Bookworm continues to attract gastronomes and casual diners alike. Our no-nonsense menu is tasty and wholesome, freshly prepared to your liking by our team of expert chefs. Sumptuous three-course meals, creative salads, tempting sandwiches, hearty pasta dishes, seasonal specials, Grandmother’s secret recipes, Chef’s recommendations, seductive sweets…is your mouth watering yet?

Wine Club

On the third Thursday of each month, you’ll find a cluster of people at The Bookworm admiring legs, inhaling bouquets, and gargling with various hues of ruby. Of course, some of them will be just plain old drinking the wine. The highly revered connoisseurs from ASC Fine Wines will talk you through each wine and its merits, and teach you to recognise grapes, years and châteaux. Very informative and the perfect opportunity to restock your cellar.

Whisky Bar

Whether you take it peaty, wheaty, meaty, single, blended, neat, on the rocks, with a splash, from The Highlands or the lowlands or the grasslands, remember The Bookworm’s whisky bar is the only one of its kind in Beijing…and probably even the whole of China. If the velvety rolling overtones of Bowmore are not for your palate, maybe the delicate warming vapours of Glenmorangie might be. Or why not just tell us which one you like – you have over 30 to choose from, including: Glendronach, Aberlour, Scapa, Mackillop’s, Ardbeg, Glen Elgin.

Parties and Special Functions

Putting on a do? Whether it’s flamboyant, with a whopping guest list, or chic and exclusive, The Bookworm’s highly experienced food and beverages team will deftly put together a memorable event to suit your needs and budget. We have a great range of options and are open to your ideas. Talk to us!

Here are just some of the functions we get asked to do:
• Canapés and
• Cocktails
• Happy hours
• Banquets
• Breakfasts
• Coffee meetings
• Meeting packages

OPENING HOURS:9am to 1am every day Last food order 11pm


Coming Soon…

OPENING HOURS:9am to 1am every day Last food order 11pm