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We provide our regular 35 mL pours for each of the whiskies in these flights.

Introduction to Scotch

Glenfiddich 12 (45rmb), Cragganmore 12 (50rmb), Macallan 12 (60rmb); total=155 RMB. Flight price: 130 RMB

Glenfiddich 12: One of the most importe scotch single malts in the world; floral and distinctively fruity (can you guess which one in particular?).

Cragganmore 12: Cream, honey, nuts, a bit of smoke, a pinch of spice, consistent and well balanced – the platonic ideal of Scotch?

Macallan 12: A special 12-year-old Macallan matured in sherry wood from Jerez, Spain.

The Highlands

Old Pulteney 12 (50rmb), Macallan 12 (60rmb), Dalmore 12 (65rmb); total=175 RMB. Flight price: 150 RMB

Old Pulteney 12: Crisp and clean, like all of these Highlands; nuts, toffee and spices.

Macallan 12: A special 12-year-old Macallan matured in sherry wood from Jerez, Spain.

Dalmore 12: A dram for coffee lovers: rich and warm, with hints of chocolate and orange.

Indispensable Islay

Bunnahabain 12 (55rmb), Laphroaig 10 (50rmb), Ardbeg Ten (60rmb); total=165 RMB. Flight price: 160 RMB

Bunnahabain 12 (55rmb): From the northernmost Islay distillery, “lightly peated” but incredibly flavorful and fresh. Bottled at 46.3%.

Laphroaig 10 (50rmb): The outlier on flavor maps: extra light and extra smoky. Iodine and peat dominate to a near-gimmicky amount – except the gimmick works: you must try at least once.

Ardbeg Ten(60rmb): Jim Murray, author of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, chose this as his Whisky of the Year in 2008, and ever since it’s been a mainstay in every whisky bar across the world. A dram with a huge personality: smoke, vanilla, peat in perfect combination.

Taste of Japan

Miyagikyo Non Age (80rmb), Hakushu 12 (75rmb), Hibiki 17 (135rmb); total=290 RMB. Flight price: 275 RMB

Miyagikyo Non Age: Immensely drinkable and balanced, serving as a perfect introduction to Japanese whiskies, which tend to be smooth and more or less perfect.

Hakushu 12: Very clean, with a good press of sweetness. Novelist Haruki Murakami may well have had the Hakushu in mind when he said, “Whisky, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.”

Hibiki 17: A blended whisky that is sweet, rich and zesty, with quite a bit of expression. A long oaky finish.

Glenfiddich Advanced

Glenfiddich 15 (60rmb), Glenfiddich 18 (80rmb), Glenfiddich 21 (170rmb); total=310 RMB. Flight price: 275 RMB

Glenfiddich 15: Non chill-filtered and bottled at 51% abv, much higher than the typical Glenfiddich. The result is crisp and peppery.

Glenfiddich 18: Fresh and rich with hints of apricot and toffee. Matured in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks.

Glenfiddich 21: Matured in Caribbean rum casks, which figures into its extremely long finish. Creamy and distinguished.

The Deluxe

Glenfarclas 105 (80rmb), Oban Distillers Edition (120rmb), Laphroaig 18 (135rmb); total=335 RMB. Flight price: 280 RMB

Glenfarclas 105: Cask strength 60% abv, an outburst of smoke and spice with a peppery finish; you’ll want to sip this slowly.

Oban Distillers Edition: Be warned, this one goes down easy: tangy fruit, chocolate and nuts fuse in sublime harmony.

Laphroaig 18: All of the power and punch of Laphroaig 10 without the medicinal iodine. Strong, toasty, confident without being loud, a little fiery around the edges… simply put, one of our best.


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