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The China-India Relationship: Can They Make It Work?

Prem Shankar Jha

Event: The China-India Relationship, with Prem Shankar Jha, columnist and former adviser to the prime minister of India

Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm 

The relationship between China and India is evolving. In the last year, heads of state visited each others’ countries. Only two previous presidents of China and two Indian prime ministers had exchanged visits in the previous 65 years. Clearly something is changing. But what, why, in which direction, and how far will it go?

What issues other than the longstanding border problem will the new India-China relationship confront? How will India’s relationship with the US, Japan and Pakistan impact the Modi-Xi dialogue? Is there an evolving strategic vision behind the change?

Attempting to answer these questions this Wednesday will be Prem Shankar Jha, former editor of and contributor to The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, and Financial Express, who also served as information adviser to the former prime minister of India, V.P. Singh.

Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm

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