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Don’t Miss, Tonight: Murong Xuecun Makes a Rare Public Appearance

Murong Xuecun

“I still live in fear,” Murong Xuecun wrote in a New York Times op-ed last summer. “I visited many Chinese prisons for a novel I wrote about the legal world — I know they aren’t pleasant places. Could I cope with a life behind bars? How would I face my devastated family and friends if I were jailed? I still don’t know.”

The Bookworm Proudly Presents: Murong Xuecun, China’s “Laureate of Corruption”

Murong Xuecun Portrait Session

Outspoken author and commentator Murong Xuecun, who the New York Times calls China’s “laureate of corruption,” will be at The Bookworm on Wednesday, October 21 to give a talk on Dancing Through Red Dust, his first English-language book in six years. (more…)

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