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Movie Screening: “Our Marriages: When Lesbians Marry Gay Men”

Our Marriages film

On Monday, March 7 at 7:30 pm, The Bookworm is proud to screen the documentary film Our Marriages, which tells the story of four lesbians who search online for gay men to marry. He Xiaopei, director of Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre and one of the film’s directors, will be at The Bookworm to introduce the movie and answer questions afterwards. (more…)

Movie Screening: Out of Sight (Official Bookworm Book Club Selection) [SCREENING IS CANCELLED]

Out of Sight

Update: Due to technical difficulties, we won’t be showing the movie tonight. But buy the book and come for our Book Club meeting on Wednesday!

Join us this Monday as we screen Out of Sight, based off the classic by Elmore Leonard. Come watch the movie, then buy the book — and join us on Wednesday, November 18 for the next meeting of the Bookworm Book Club. (more…)

Movie Monday: Crime and Punishment, by Zhao Liang

Crime and Punishment

We’re showing another Zhao Liang documentary this coming Monday: Crime and Punishment (2007), one of his earlier and best works. (more…)

Movie Monday: Zhou Hao’s “Cop Shop”

Our Chinese Documentary Film Series returns to the work of Zhou Hao, who films Guangzhou police at work in Cop Shop (2009). (more…)

Showing This Week At The Bookworm: Never Let Me Go, Meishi Street, Hana-bi

We’re showing three movies this week at The Bookworm: on Monday, the science fiction flick based off Kazuo Ishiguro’s award-winning novel Never Let Me Go; on Wednesday, the Chinese documentary Meishi (Coal) Street, about Beijing’s famous Qianmen nail house; and on Friday, the Japanese masterpiece Hana-bi (released in the US as Fireworks). Read on for more information! (more…)

Movie Monday: The Transition Period — looking inside a Chinese county government

Investigative filmmaker Zhou Hao takes his camera inside a county government in Henan province in this revealing documentary following the life and work of a Chinese Communist Party secretary. The Transition Period won Best Feature at the China Documentary Film Festival, and was an official selection at festivals in Rome, Iberia and Guangzhou. (more…)

Film Friday Cancelled Tonight. Movie Monday: Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane by Zhao Liang

Film Friday is temporarily suspended — no film this Friday or next week — but Movie Monday is still on. Our Chinese Documentary Film Series concludes this Monday, August 31 with Zhao Liang’s Paper Airplane, a candid look at Beijing’s disenfranchised youth, including a group of heroin addicts who waste their lives and talent. (more…)

Film Friday: Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Film Friday returns! Under this month’s theme of contemporary Japanese films, we will be showing Like Father, Like Son, a family drama that is heartbreaking, joyful, and brilliantly acted. It was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize. (more…)

Movie Monday: Street Life (Nanjing Lu)

We go to Shanghai for our next Chinese documentary: Zhao Dayong’s Street Life (Nanjing Lu), which follows trash collectors picking out a living on Shanghai’s famous Nanjing Road. (more…)

Movie Monday: Fortune Teller (Chinese Documentary Film Series)

Fortune Teller featured image

Our Chinese Documentary Film Series continues this Monday when we show Fortune Teller (Suan Ming), from Beijing director Xu Tong, which follows a handicapped Buddhist fortuneteller, Li Baicheng, as he performs ancient divinations for those on the fringes of society — including many prostitutes — in the outskirts of Beijing. A police crackdown during the winter forces Li and his mentally disabled wife, Pearl, to seek refuge. (more…)

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