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Announcing: Winners of the Inaugural China Bookworm Literary Award :: 老书虫文学奖获奖名单揭晓

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Wang Zhezhu, winner of the inaugural China Bookworm Literary Award

BEIJING – The China Bookworm Press is delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural China Bookworm Literary Award, with the first prize going to 34-year-old Guangzhou native Wang Zhezhu for her novel The Train That Came To Its End.

The runner-up is Li Ziyue with I Am in the Red Chamber, You Are on the Journey to the West, with third prize going to Lin Weipan’s When a Cloud Meets a Sheet of Paper. (more…)

2015 China Bookworm Literary Award Shortlist Revealed :: 老书虫文学奖复选名单揭晓

The China Bookworm Press — The Bookworm’s publishing imprint — has announced the six finalists for its inaugural 2015 China Bookworm Literary Award, along with the jury tasked with selecting the winner. (more…)

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