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Spoke ‘N Word-performance poetry from Poland

Spoke ‘N Word—performance poetry from Poland

Interested in a night of poetry reading on Saturday night? What about contemporary poetry from Poland? If the answer is yes, you should definitely pay us a visit. Below is some basic information on the group and their “Spoke ‘N Word” global tour. For more information on poets, please visit directly their website at:

The main goal of the Wiersze w Metrze campaign is to popularize contemporary poetry through showcasing it on the underground and in urban spaces. The first three seasons, which took place in Warsaw in 2008-2010, focused on modern European poetry. In 2011, within the framework of the Polish EU Presidency, contemporary Polish poets and their poetry will not only be present in Warsaw, but also visit 8 cities outside Poland: London, Paris, Madrid, Kiev, Beijing, Tokyo, Brussels and Luxembourg.

Apart from the presentations of the poems on the underground, there will be poetry readings, happenings, a haiku competition, Spoke’n’Word on Tour performance poetry festival, slam workshops and a promotional campaign.

Spoke’N’Word on Tour

During the fourth edition of Wiersze w Metrze, the Warsaw Spoke’n’Word festival is going to go beyond the capital of Poland. Apart from Warsaw, we will be visiting six cities taking part in the project: London, Paris, Madrid, Kiev, Beijing and Tokyo. Each of the above hosts a local version of the Spoke’n’Word festival. Top Polish spoken word performers are going to be accompanied by local poetry stars and a regular poetry slam. Spoke’n’Word on tour is also going to feature performance poetry and slam poetry workshops conducted on site by Polish poets.


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