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New coffee specials!

Put this…

…in this.

Coffee’s pretty great. Now it’s about to get better.

The Bookworm has a whole bunch of new French presses and a variety of new coffee blends to brew them to perfection in.

We are glad to start with a very special coffee selection for this month:

–          Ethiopian Yergacheffee, a smooth and very rich coffee, full of flowery aromas and the clear slightly sweet body likewise hides notes of buttery cream

–          Costa Rica Tarrazu Colibri, smooth with sweet mix of grain and almond flavors with a strong chocolate aftertaste

–          Colombian Huila Supremo, Medium acidity, rich nut and sweet fruit flavors, with a clean dark chocolate on the finish

Enjoy any of them in a French press. Comes in two sizes.

Single (350ml) 50rmb.

Double (700ml) 90rmb, because there is no such thing as two much coffee.

And as a bonus! This:

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