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Martin Parr

“Magnum photographers were meant to go out as a crusade … to places like famine and war and … I went out and went round the corner to the local supermarket because this to me is the front line.” (Martin Parr)

Martin Parr is a photographer, editor, curator and a member of the Magnum co-operative. He has published over 60 books of his own work and edited another 25.

His unique, vibrant imagery that has gained him recognition around the world.  In 2002, his work was the subject of a major career retrospective organized by the Barbican Art Gallery and the National Media Museum, which subsequently toured extensively throughout Europe.

Parr is in Beijing for the opening of his solo exhibition at Pékin Fine Arts Gallery. This exhibition includes work from multiple projects – particularly his “Life’s a Beach” series and his series on “Luxury.” The images explore mass tourism, leisure, consumption and communication – themes Parr’s work returns to again and again.

Parr will speak at The Bookworm on  Tuesday, November 6 about his photography and his current project a “History of Chinese Photo Books,” a collaboration with the Beijing-based Dutch photographer Ruben Lundgren that will follow photography from its arrival in China in the mid 19th century through to the present day. Join us as this renown photographer shares his works and the stories behind them.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Pékin Fine Arts Gallery.


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