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Following the resounding success of the 2008 festival, The Bookworm is already being approached by speakers, sponsors and publishers about next year’s. For two weeks in March, journalists, novelists, poets, film-makers, travel writers and poetical showmen descended on The Bookworm. Hailing from all corners of the globe as well as locally, our speakers and performers flew between the Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou Bookworms (not to mention the Shanghai and Hong Kong literary festivals too), in a mind-boggling feat of people, accommodation and co-ordination logistics.

With most events being completely sold out, audiences were treated to factual and fictional story-telling, poetry in broad dialect, astonishing camera footage, issues surrounding writing in non-mother tongue, witty poetry-cum-rap improvisation, the nuances of translating, whether plot or characters come first, tales of courage and derring-do… Then there were readings, book launches, signings, discussions, workshops, seminars and entertainment. It’s hard to believe it all happened within the space of just two weeks.

The China Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009

Following the success of our previous festivals, we’re now busily plotting and scheduling for The Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009. We aim to bring you the very best in local and international writing talent, and to showcase writers working across the broadest possible of literary spectrums. Keep checking our website for details of how our fabulous programme is emerging! The Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009 will take place in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou from March 6th – March 21st 2009.
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    2009 Festival ScheduleDetails of our 2009 Festival Schedule will be available soon

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    Author BiographiesDetails of our 2009 Authors will be available soon

Literary Festival 2008

Two jam packed weeks of book launches, literary conversations, panel discussions, workshops, book signings and film screenings


Qiu Xiaolong, Yiyun Li, Patrick Gale, Hari Kunzru, John Man, Zhu Wen, Howard Goldblatt, James Kynge, Tim Clissold, James McGregor, Catherine Sampson, Nury Vittachi, Anna Funder, Justin Hill, Nicholas Jose, Christopher Kremmer, Christopher Koch, Roy Kesey, Zhang Lijia, Liz Niven, Ouyang Yu, Gail Jones, Rob Gifford, Sheila Melvin, Miles Merril, Edward Ragg, Lily Brett, Paul French, And more …

Beijing Bookworm:
March 6th – 20th 2008
Chengdu Bookworm:
February 28th – March 16th
Suzhou Bookworm:
March 1st to March 17th

Sponsored by:

Sponsored By

Becoming a sponsor of The Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009 presents a wonderful opportunity to show your commitment to the development of culture in China.

In 2008 our festival was attended by upwards of 300 people every day for two weeks in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou, with our publicity materials circulated amongst tens of thousands of magazine and newspaper readers.

We were featured on local and international radio and our festival authors made numerous appearances across the media landscape of China. CONTACT US now to discuss sponsorship options for 2009!

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