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Literary Weekend at Atelier – Come Play With Words

Note: This event is off-site at Atelier, a French-style school dedicated to the study of the visual, literary and the performing arts, located in the heart of Sanlitun.

Inspired by the French Radio Show on French Culture “Les Papous dans la tête,” this event is dedicated to lovers of words and literature as well as those who need to be pushed to use words in fun new ways!

Atelier and The Bookworm propose an afternoon of literay and creative games for adults and teenagers (14 and older).
From shopping list to poetry, all roads lead to writing!
Led by Helen Wing (writer and poet) and Virginie Mangin (journalist), you can juggle, play, provocate, create, do your own word-cooking while participating to hilarious and stimulating literary games.
Warm up your neurons, it’s your turn!
French day: Saturday the 19th of January 2:30pm

English day: Sunday the 20th of January 2:30pm
50 rmb (30rmb for students) at Atelier. Register at [email protected].
Apt C202  JinXiu Yuan
Xing Fu Cun  Zhong Lu
Chaoyang          district
100027  Beijing   China
朝阳区幸福村中路 锦绣园
C 座 202 100027 北京中国

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