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Think you know gin? Then you must visit The Bookworm to try these three products, all handcrafted from Oregon, USA. They’re good for both sipping and cocktails.


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All Ransom spirits are distilled in a hand-hammered, direct-fired French alembic pot still, resulting in greater retention of aromas. The Dry Gin is fashioned after Holland’s renowned wine genevers, combining maltiness and hop aromas with an intense botanical infusion. Highly aromatic, not least of which because it includes Oregon’s iconic marionberry.

在酒厂里面,所有的烈酒都是手工酿造,用法国Alembic 壶式蒸馏器,他们在蒸馏过程中全部人工闻味道与试酒,而不是用电脑或者机器人,实验室里认真的劳动与传统的酿造工艺使其生产的烈酒带有更好的芳香与更饱满的酒体。借用了荷兰大麦红酒杜松子的盛行,赎金干金酒混合了大麦及啤酒花的香味,还有更加浓郁的植物的味道。赎金干金酒用了传统的蒸馏方式,同时也保留了俄勒冈州独一无二的自然风格,马里昂浆果和当地啤酒花的风味。

Per glass (45 mL) 单杯价 (45 毫升): 50 RMB

Great for: Gin and Tonic

RANSOM OLD TOM :: 赎金老公猫金酒

A treat for history buffs: Old Tom is a revival of the predominant gin in fashion during the mid-1800s during the golden age of the American cocktail. The recipe was developed by author, history, and mixologist extraordinaire David Wondrich. Aged 3-6 months in French barrels, giving it positively whisky characteristics.

赎金酒厂的 Old Tom 老公猫金酒还原了历史,并精确地呈现了19世纪中期美国鸡尾酒黄金时代盛行的金酒。此配方是鸡尾酒历史学家、作家,世界顶级的鸡尾酒调酒师David Wondrich和酒厂酿酒师一起研制的。它的基酒是用大麦芽,并注入植物。最后的蒸馏是经过壶式净化蒸馏器,最大程度地保留了原有的芳香,口感与酒体。

Per glass (45 mL) 单杯价 (45 毫升): 65 RMB

Great for: Tom Collins, Old Fashioned

NEW DEAL GIN NO. 1 :: 新政No.1金酒

The New Deal Distillery, based in Portland, uses natural and organic ingredients with water that’s considered among the purest in the United States. Its custom-designed stills pull oils, tannins and heavier elements from the botanicals during the distillation. The No. 1 gin is distilled with organic juniper – and only juniper – creating a savory, deep, full-bodied gin with a crisp finish.


Per glass (45 mL) 单杯价 (45 毫升): 55 RMB

Great for: Bee’s Knees, Martini


If whisky is more of your thing, please check out The Bookworm’s extensive whisky collection.

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