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Announcing: Farm to Neighbors farmers’ market this Sunday on The Bookworm rooftop

Farm to Neighbors market (cropped)

We have an addition to our already-packed Bookworm 10 Anniversary Week schedule, and it’s a good one: Erica Huang is bringing her wildly successful Farm to Neighbors farmers’ market to The Bookworm rooftop this Sunday from noon to 5 pm. Grass-fed meats, fresh veggies, award-winning cheeses, pasture-raised chicken, chutney, organic honey, fresh-baked bread, and so much more (such as natural skincare products, handmade toothpaste, bags, etc.). Come discover how succulent healthy living truly can be.

Here’s a list of the local farms and homemade food & crafts that will be joining us on Sunday, September 20:

1. Chunnixiang Farm: all kinds of fresh herbs such as basil, mint, lemon-basil, cucumber and beans

2. Wacaibang Farm: corn, tomato, cucumber, potatoes, carrots, onions, spinach, melon, okra

3. Gingko Farm: bean sprouts, all kind of leafy greens

4. Yuangu Farm: pasture-raised pork fed with farm-grown whole grains, grass, vegetables instead of commercial feeds

5. Beirong Farm: grass-fed, pasture-raised beef

6. Xiaode’s Farm: organically grown rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, black rice

7. Purple Sweatpotato Organic Farm: organically-grown chrysanthemum and rose teas, purple sweet potatoes

8. Yao’s Handmade Tofu: stone-grind, naturally fermented non-GMO soy products

9. Liulidi Health Store: raw honey, honey wine

10. Doulaosan’s: fermented handmade noodles

11. Bushao: natural handmade fruit snacks

12. Tsowa: Tibetan yogurt

13. Le Fromager de Pekin: international award-winning French cheeses

14. Mr. & Mrs. Bear’s Bakery: natural-leavened sourdough breads

15. Parwaaz Spice Route Concepts: homemade Indian curry and chutney

16. Yellow Pummelo: natural skincare

17. TangSir: homemade rice wine

18. Eastern Leaves: Pu’er, white tea and red tea

19. Lily’s Handmade: all-natural toothpaste, handmade soap, laundry detergent

20. Xi Hua Design: 100% cotton and lenin herbal dye clothes & hand woven bags, handmade bear doll

21. Misha’s: handmade pottery and accessories

About Farm to Neighbors:

After struggling with severe skin issues after living and working in Beijing for two years, Erica Huang (pictured below in the hat) decided to take matters into her own hands to eat healthy by seeking out local organic farm produce and traditional hand-made, no-additives foods. Farm to Neighbors was created to serve the community by creating better access to quality foods and connecting local producers directly to consumers. We strive to celebrate real food culture that brings people closer together, nourishes our bodies and improves the environment. To find out more about Farm to Neighbors, please follow our Wechat: farm2neighbors.

Farmers Market Erica and Vera

Farmers Market 1.pic

Farmers Market 2

Farmers Market 3

Farmers Market 4

Farmers Market 5

Farmers Market 6

Farmers Market 7

Farmers Market 8

Farmers Market 9

Farmers Market 10

Farmers Market 11

Farmers Market 12

Sunday, September 20, noon to 5 pm

@ The Bookworm

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