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EWWC goes to Siberia

The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference is a unique series of events that will bring writers together around the world to create an historic picture of the role of literature today. The conversation begins at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where 50 world renowned writers will join members of the public every afternoon from 17-21 August 2012 to discuss the five topics that almost brought writers to blows during the infamous Writers’ Conference of 1962. The World Writers’ Conference will go on to visit 15 different cities – including Beijing for BLF 2013 – over the following 12 months giving writers in different countries the chance to add their voice to the growing debate about writing and its relationship to contemporary life. You can also continue the conversation online at the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference website, which will feature live broadcasts of the events in Edinburgh and videos of the international events.

Another week, another continent visited by the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference. Following a packed 5 days in Toronto EWWC is now heading to Siberia at the Krasnoyarsk Book Fair.

Schedule of Events

Day 1: Thursday, November 1 –  Melvin Burgess will discuss with fellow author Andrei Astvatsaturov UK and Russian perspectives on the universal question ‘Should Literature be Political’?

Day 2: Friday, November 2 –   UK writer Tibor Fischer and the Russian author and critic Konstantin Milchin.explore ‘The Future of the Novel.’

Day 3: Saturday, November 3 – Theresa Breslin will bring the Scottish view to the question of ‘A National Literature?’ drawing comparison and contrast with a country the size of Russia, represented by Kirill Kobrin.

Browse full details here. A livestream will be embedded at  here. Join in the conversation!

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