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Announcing: Craft Whiskey Tasting at The Bookworm (Reservation Required)

Craft whiskies

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A bourbon, a spirit whiskey, and a single malt walk into a bar…

We have three phenomenal craft whiskeys from Oregon — the Henry Du Yore’s Bourbon, the Whipper Snapper, and the McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt — which we will crack open on Wednesday, August 26 in a special edition of Whisky Wednesday. The event starts at 8 pm; please reserve your spot by emailing [email protected].

For 150 RMB, you’ll get to try full pours of each of our three small-batch, handcrafted whiskeys from Oregon, accompanied by explanation from distributor Crystal Lee. Those who participate in the tasting will also have the option of ordering whiskey cocktails for half-price (until 11 pm).

Here’s the menu:

Henry Du Yore’s Bourbon: A premium American bourbon (at least 51 percent corn and aged at least two years in new barrels) with a spirited twist, containing influences of rye and barley. Named after the moonshiner Henry du Yore. Wine Enthusiast gave this straight bourbon 93 points and named it one of the Top 50 Spirits of 2013.

Whipper Snapper: Made from 79% Kentucky white dog corn whiskey and 21% malted barley whiskey, this spirit defies classification — it is, in fact, not exactly a bourbon but a “spirit whiskey,” aged one to three years in Pinot noir and American whiskey barrels (in fact, eight barrels are used for each bottling). The result is utterly unique.

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt: A diamond among gems: McCarthy’s is an American single malt made using peated barley from Islay and aged for three years in Oregon. It scored an astounding 96 out of 100 on Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2008, and was praised by renowned whisky expert Michael Jackson as one of the “Ten Best American Whiskeys” in 2004.

There are a limited number of tasting spots, so sign up now!

Wednesday, August 26, 8 pm

150 RMB (three whiskeys + cocktails for half-price until 11 pm)

Reserve by emailing [email protected]

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