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Beijing’s local talent!

The literary scene in Beijing is excitingly diverse and continues to develop and thrive. Building on a literary history going back thousands of years, a community of foreign and local authors is continuing to flourish on China’s literary scene. These authors have based their respective works on different social and historical aspects of China; some have dedicated a lifetime to researching this fascinating and rapidly-changing country.


We wanted to give you an idea of the growing number of authors in Beijing. Some have stayed here for a year or two, some for decades. These Beijing-based authors are special, because each author offers a different insider’s perspective on the city and/or China as a whole. At The Bookworm, we are always looking to support Beijing-based authors – well-known or emerging. Here are some local authors whose works we have in store:


Alec Ash

Beijing-based writer and journalist Alec Ash studied English Literature at Oxford University and has written for the BBC The Economist, BBC and Dissent to name a few. He moved to Beijing in 2008 after teaching in a Tibetan village in Western China. His non-fiction book, Wish Lanterns, tells the story of six millennials in China. Through individual stories, Wish Lanterns offers empathetic insights into the generation of children growing up post Mao.


Isham Cook

Originally from Chicago, Isham Cook has lived in Beijing since 1994. Cook’s works revolve around his experiences in Asia, with a focus on China. He has written both fiction and non-fiction. Cook’s passion for Asia is palpable in his novels. His works include: Massage and the Writer, The Exact Unknown and The Teahouse Café.


David Moser

David Moser is a professor in Chinese linguistics and holds a Master’s and PhD in Chinese studies. David did a book talk at the Bookworm to discuss his engaging book A Billion Voices, which scans the origins of Putonghua. David is currently an Academic Director of Chinese Studies at Beijing Capital Normal University and also works at China Central Television in Beijing as a program advisor, translator and host.


Nancy Pellegrini

Nancy Pellegrini came to China from New York in 2000. In 2005, she became stage editor of Time Out Beijing magazine and more recently Time Out Shanghai. She covers theatre, dance, classical music and opera events in both cities. She also does other writing and editing work, as well as travelling and running a classical music salon. Her book The People’s Bard focuses on the influence of Shakespeare in China. Nancy recently took part in one of The Bookworm’s Meet the Author interviews, where she talked about the writing process for The People’s Bard and why translating Shakespeare into Chinese is such a challenge! Read the interview in full here:


Edward Ragg

Ragg moved to Beijing, China in 2007 and co-founded an independent wine education and consultancy service. Ragg writes poetry on contemporary China on the side. His works have been translated into Mandarin by contemporary Chinese poet Wang Ao. Ragg now teaches as a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages in Tsinghua University. His works include: A Force That Takes and Holding Unfailing.


Lijia Zhang

Lijia was born on the banks of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, China. She grew up in the residential compound of her mother’s factory, although she yearned to become a journalist. However, at the age of 16, she was initiated into factory working life. Through learning English and her own determination Lijia changed her fate and has become an international journalist. Her spirited memoir Socialism is Great! explores her life and personal journey. She currently lives in Beijing with her two daughters, and works as a writer, columnist, social commentator and public speaker. Her new book Lotus will be out this year.

Discover Beijing’s local talent, help us support these local authors and pick up their books today!

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