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MARCH 2008

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About Us

The Bookworm, spacious and open planned, has three separate rooms where you will find a European Restaurant, a Café/bar, the ‘Kiddie’s Corner’ and a bookshop tucked in the back room. And of course all rooms hold the library collection, which continues to expand.

Explore further and you will find the stairs leading to the Enchanted Garden – a roof terrace.

Library Membership Fees:

New Members

  • Individual 1 year 300rmb
  • Individual 1/2 year 200rmb
  • Family Membership 500rmb

Membership extensions

  • Individual 1 year 250rmb
  • Individual 1/2 year 150rmb
  • Family membership 500rmb

Books for Sale

We are building our stock of books for sale, please feel free to browse and buy. The library books are not for sale.

Lending Terms

Individual members may take two books for up to two weeks at a time, or six books for two weeks for family membership holders.

Opening hours

9am – 1am

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The Bookworm

Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road,
Chao Yang District, Beijing
100000, P.R. China

Tel: (010) 6586 9507

Email: [email protected]




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