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The BookWrom

BEIJING BookWrom:Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing

Running in March 2010, the festival will feature 70 international, Asia-based and local authors. The Bookworm will be transformed into a hub of literary and intellectual activity as we celebrate all things books and ideas. The programme will feature our tried and tested brand of:

• Booktalks
• Panel discussions
• Writing workshops
• Readings
• Intimate discussions
• Meet-the-author events

This year’s programme will also include elements of cabaret, theatre, spoken word and performances in venues around the city so our programme is as diverse and inclusive as possible. We’re also proud to announce that this year’s festival will be China’s first carbon-neutral festival!


China’s First Carbon-neutral Festival

We are proud to announce The Bookworm International Literary Festival 2010 has made a commitment to being the first “carbon-neutral” literary festival in China.

Partnering with Climate Actio2n and their independent carbon emissions asessment partner, we have produced a detailed calculation of the festival’s unavoidable emissions. We audited everything – from cab fares to printing run-off to flights for our many international authors flying in from as far away as Sydney and Dubai – and will purchase carbon credits to offset our environmental footprint.

Climate Actio2n aims to be the world’s leading platform for transforming collective ‘actio2n’ into tangible carbon emissions reduction projects. With a vision of the world where anyone is only a click away from the solution to climate change, Climate Actio2n’s mission is to demonstrate how small actions by many can make big change for all.

The offsets for this event will be sourced from Climate Actio2n “Renewable” project category and information on the project is provided below:

• Pingwu Renjiaba, Small HydroChinaVCS
• Technology / SectorHydro
• LocationShujing, Sichuan Province, China
• Start dateFebruary, 2007

Project overview & sustainable development benefits:

The Pingwu Renjiaba project is a 12.6 MW small hydro run-of-river project located in the upstream area of the Fujiang River in Sichuan, south-west China. The project generates creates clean energy which is exported to the Central China Power Grid and each unit of clean electricity displaces a unit of dirty coal fired electricity which would otherwise be generated and this is how the project reduced carbon emissions.

The project contributes significantly to the sustainable development of local communities. It offers access to a supply of clean energy which prevents ongoing resource degradation and was developed using methods to ensure there was no negative impact on local bio-diversity and human health. In addition, the project has also led to significant inward financial investment flow in to the region and was developed according to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).