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A Special China-Themed Storytelling Night

Bookworm 10 Storytelling

We’re presenting a special edition of our monthly Storytelling Night — modeled after New York’s famous Moth Theater performances — featuring a lineup of China veterans. And what a lineup we have! Check it out:

Arthur Hagopian, who has lived in China since 2007. He is a trained anthropologist who left his academic career in Toronto to come to Beijing to pursuit “selling his soul and other fun things.” Arthur is currently director of SPRG Beijing, the largest private PR network in Asia, and heads up both their global and digital business divisions.

Carl Setzer, owner of Great Leap Brewing, 11-year China expat, Beijing’s resident curmudgeon.

Tom Pellman, who arrived in China — Xinxiang, Henan province, of all places — in August 2005. He has been in Beijing since 2009.

Laura Lian, born and raised in China. She’s been in Beijing for eight years. Her daytime job is product management at a startup, but you probably know her work on WeChat: she is the owner and proprietor of the sarcastic WeChat blog Shameless.

Badr Benjelloun, owner of Cu Ju and Caravan, who came to China in 2004, last-minute, on a temporary consulting gig that should have lasted one week. Badr finds himself peddling the last legal drugs in Beixinqiao and Jianguomen. (He means alcohol — we think — but who knows.)

Stuart Wiggin, from the UK, who has lived in Beijing close to nine years. He is the writer of several web shows, including C4 and Naocan Youji for CRI and Youku and Laowai Kan Dongxi for Netease.

Hannah Lincoln, who has been in China six of the past seven years and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. She has written a paper on China’s exiled poets, a book of Beijing-based short stories called Ashen, and mostly recently co-founded an arts/culture platform for China-based artists/writers/musicians called Loreli.

Ernie Diaz, who has been here 12 years.

We might have some special guests dropping in, too.

As always, Storytelling will be hosted by Amy Daml, a relative Beijing newbie compared to the others, having arrived in 2012. She hosts The Pulse radio show for CRI and is a co-founder of Loreli.

Tonight’s event — again, as always — is free.

Tuesday, September 22, 8 pm

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