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Check Out “Word of Mouth,” The Bookworm’s Monthly Poetry Open Mic

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is Beijing’s premier poetry open-mic night. Come check it out tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 pm — a great lineup has taken shape, and there are a few spots still available. If you’re interested in reading, contact Liz at [email protected]. (more…)

Introducing: The Beijing Blend Video Series

Here’s something fun: our friends at the digital news magazine Beijing Blend are now filming their weekly video news roundups at The Bookworm. Check out the episode above, in which hosts Tianran He and Stanley Tsang talk about the China stock market crash and Hong Kong’s hottest new cruise. (more…)

Thank You For Making Last Weekend’s Beijing Flea Market A Success

Beijing Flea Market 5

Thanks to everyone who braved the heat on Saturday to check out the Beijing Flea Market on our rooftop, hosted by Jessica Rapp. Please stay tuned for information about our next market!

And of course, a huge thank you to all the participating vendors: (more…)

Now Available: Cookies from Lollipop Bakery

Lollipop cookies

Delicious, wonderful cookies are now available at The Bookworm, brought to you by the local bakery show Lollipop. Come try! (more…)

Film Friday: Persepolis [UPDATE: Will be shown indoors due to rain]


Our film this Friday is Persepolis, based off Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel by the same name. It tells the coming-of-age story of a young woman during the Iranian Revolution, and features Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, the Shah of Iran, God, and Karl Marx… (more…)

Bookworm Book Club Selection: Susan Barker’s “The Incarnations”

Susan Barker - The Incarnations

Our next Bookworm Book Club selection has arrived! Susan Barker’s The Incarnations — hailed by The Independent as “China’s Midnight’s Children” — follows a modern-day Beijing taxi driver whose past lives haunt him through a series of mysterious letters. (more…)

Upcoming: Book Talk with Richard Bernstein, Author of “China 1945”

Richard Bernstein

With us this Wednesday (July 15) is the distinguished historian Richard Bernstein, who will talk about his book China 1945: Mao’s Revolution and America’s Fateful Choice. As the Washington Post describes it: “Bernstein tells the story of the United States, China, Japan and the U.S.S.R. during the last, dramatic year of World War II in Asia. The central question he explores is this: In the late 1940s, could the United States and China have avoided four decades of antagonism, thereby allowing America to dodge the depredations of the Korean War, a defeat in Vietnam and, it is implied, our current tensions with Beijing?” (more…)

Tonight: Two Short Film Screenings, Followed by Q-and-A with Director Nicholas Verso

Nicholas Verso

Filmmaker Nicholas Verso began his career directing Super 8 music videos for musicians such as Wendy Rule, Kerri Simpson, Beki & The Bullets and The Cat Empire. His first feature film — MAX: A Cautionary Tale — which he wrote and directed, premiered in 2003 at festivals around Australia, the US (screening at Walt Disney World and winning Best New Director at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival) and Europe. (more…)

New single malts added to Whisky Wednesday

New whiskies Arran and Laphroaig

Our Whisky Wednesday menu has expanded with a new all-Laphroaig flight, plus the addition of a heavily peated Arran for those who love light and smoky single malts. Check it out: (more…)

Friday Film: The Triplets of Belleville

Triplets of Belleville

Film Friday returns tonight with an animated classic, the French oddball comedy The Triplets of Belleville. (more…)

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