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New to the Menu: The Bookworm’s Whisky Flights!

Bookworm whiskies whisky 3

Perhaps you’ve heard, but whisky is booming in China, and has been for the last several of years. Have you been missing out? We at the Bookworm would like to make it easier than ever for you to catch up: as of now, we are offering six different three-whisky flights starting from 130 RMB, with full pours for each — you’ll not find a better deal on single malt Scotches* in town. (more…)

Next Book Club Selection: Vincent Lam’s Bloodletting

Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures

Our next Bookworm Book Club selection has been praised by Alice Munro as “irresistible” and Margaret Atwood as “stunning”: it’s 2015 Bookworm Literary Festival author Vincent Lam‘s Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, a short story collection based off the author’s medical school experiences. The book was adapted into an HBO Canada miniseries by the same name. (more…)

From Cartier to Confucius: Movie Screening Plus Q&A With Producer

Cartier to Confucius 2

Dr. Ying Zhu, a leading scholar on Chinese cinema, will be at The Bookworm this Wednesday for the screening of the documentary film China: From Cartier to Confucius, which she co-produced. A Q-and-A will follow. (more…)

Monday Movie: Oxhide


This coming Monday, June 22, we’ll be screening one of the most acclaimed Chinese films of recent memory, Liu Jiayin’s mesmerizing Oxhide, which portrays the filmmaker’s working-class family inside a cramped Beijing apartment. It won awards at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Vancouver International Film Festival.


Bookworm Featured Event: Come “See” James Joyce’s Ulysses


American cartoonist and illustrator Robert Berry is best known for his adaptations of the more difficult works of Irish writer James Joyce. In 2008 he began work on on a digital graphic novel adaptation of Ulysses as Ulysses “Seen,” which restructured the original novel into a unique learning environment centered around visual storytelling. Last year, for the 100th anniversary of Dubliners, Berry illustrated Joyce’s short story “The Dead” for a collectors’ edition that this year is traveling to Shanghai and Hong Kong. (more…)

Film Friday on the Roof: No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

What do you get when you combine the directorial vision of the Coen Brothers with Cormac McCarthy’s stark, poetic, mannered prose? No Country for Old Men, of course, which won four Oscars, including Best Picture. Adhering fairly closely to the novel, the movie follows a sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones) chasing a serial killer (Javier Bardem) chasing an antelope hunter (Josh Brolin) who happens upon a briefcase of money on the Mexican-American border at the site of a drug deal gone bad.  

Please note: screening will be cancelled in case of rain; no rain is forecast the moment.

Friday, June 19, 8 pm

The China-India Relationship: Can They Make It Work?

Prem Shankar Jha

Event: The China-India Relationship, with Prem Shankar Jha, columnist and former adviser to the prime minister of India
Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm 

The relationship between China and India is evolving. In the last year, heads of state visited each others’ countries. Only two previous presidents of China and two Indian prime ministers had exchanged visits in the previous 65 years. Clearly something is changing. But what, why, in which direction, and how far will it go? (more…)

Tonight: The Bookworm Quiz Season Finale

Bookworm pub quiz

Unlike pro wrestling, the Bookworm Pub Quiz is taking an offseason — and it’ll begin after tonight’s contest. Here’s longtime host Jonny White, a.k.a. Tom Champagne, with a bit of reminiscence: (more…)

Audio: Timothy Garton Ash at The Bookworm

Timothy Garton Ash

Historian Timothy Garton Ash spoke at The Bookworm on May 20, 2015 with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Johnson. Here’s the event in full.


Friday Film Night on the Rooftop: To Live

To Live film

Did you know The Bookworm has one of the finest rooftops in Sanlitun? Come check it out tonight when we show the film To Live, Zhang Yimou’s 1994 epic based, starring Gong Li, based off Yu Hua’s novel by the same name. (more…)

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