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New Infused Cocktails

The beginning of a new year is a time to change, a time to try something new…That´s why The Bookworm is greeting the year of the snake with a new menu of delicious cocktails using our own personal infused spirits, inspired by the authors we love.

Bolaño: Strawberry and jalapeños pepper infused tequila with orange juice

Alexander Pushkin: Basil and lime infused vodka with berry fruits and vermouth

Charles Dickens: Green tea and chamomile infused gin with ginger ale

Pablo Neruda: Banana and cinnamon infused rum with Baileys

More to come, come sample our new drink list!

Novelist Lev Grossman picks his favorite fictional cocktails, from the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), to Phiiip Marlowe’s signature gimlet.

A History of the Cocktail. Where did it come from?

And last,  hangovers cures.

Mastercard Buy One Get One free

During 2013, diners who pay for a main course with MasterCard will get a second main for free.

So bring a friend and dig in.


And the Letter of the Quiz is…G!

You thought he was joking, but he was entirely serious.

Quizmaster Tom Champagne (though he’s mostly into beers and rum and cokes these days) started the year with a letter “A” themed quiz and followed it with a Beyonce-heavy “B” quiz. Next week, he takes on the letter “G.”

Possible quiz questions:

Which composer wrote “Porgy and Bess?”

George Gershwin (Double Gs = double points?)

What is the G6 in the Far East Movement classic “Fly like a G6?”

Urban Dictionary: “A pimp a*% private jet made by Gulfstream. Only ballers, rappers, uber celebrities,* and successful executives are fly enough to get slizzard on a G6.”

*who knew urban dictionary uses the Oxford comma. A great article on the Oxford comma.

What is the Republican Party (USA) also called?

The Grand Old Party

Checkpoint Charlie separated which two countries?

East and West Germany


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