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Whiskey Tasting at The Bookworm: A Q-and-A with Arthur Pottenger

Whiskey tasting

We’ve done gin, we’ve done Oregonian whiskey, we’ve done scotch, and now, on Sunday, June 12 at 6 pmThe Bookworm will do bourbon: come taste Benchmark, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, and 1792 Ridgemont Reserve for the low price of 160 RMB. (Space is limited, so reservation is required via (more…)

Announcing: Sazerac Company Whiskey Tasting (4 for 160 RMB!)


The good folks of Sazerac Company, which owns a number of North American Distilleries, are bringing a taste of Kentucky to The Bookworm, Beijing. On Sunday, June 12 at 6 pm on The Bookworm’s rooftop, Arthur Pottenger of DXCEL, which distributes Sazerac products in China, will guide us through a four-whiskey tasting for only 160 RMB. Space is limited, so reservation is required via (more…)

Announcing: Craft Whiskey Tasting at The Bookworm (Reservation Required)

Craft whiskies

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A bourbon, a spirit whiskey, and a single malt walk into a bar…

We have three phenomenal craft whiskeys from Oregon — the Henry Du Yore’s Bourbon, the Whipper Snapper, and the McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt — which we will crack open on Wednesday, August 26 in a special edition of Whisky Wednesday. The event starts at 8 pm; please reserve your spot by emailing (more…)

Whiskey Tasting: Glenfiddich Edition

Bookworm Beijing September 12, 2012.

F&B Manager Luis guides budding whiskey enthusiasts through four different whiskies from the Glenfiddich distillery: aged 12 years, 15 years, 18 years and 21 years.


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