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Thank You For Making Last Weekend’s Beijing Flea Market A Success

Beijing Flea Market 5

Thanks to everyone who braved the heat on Saturday to check out the Beijing Flea Market on our rooftop, hosted by Jessica Rapp. Please stay tuned for information about our next market!

And of course, a huge thank you to all the participating vendors:

1. Happy Tape (Taobao shop: Summer Arts)
2. Kim (a tailor and dress maker, WeChat: Kimaky)
3. Cao Cao (
4. Chutneys by Reshma Khan
5. Yi Zhou (
6. Big Bear Baked Goods
7. Yubin (, WeChat: yu-artstudio)
8. Lonely Not Lost
9. Jason Li (illustrated phone cases, WeChat: gh_6f8852af6e31)
10. Living Nepal (WeChat: livingnepal)
11. Color Nepal
12. Vixen
13. Made by Mir
14. Martin Barnes (ThisCityArt, WeChat: 创想如山)
15. Sweet Tart Bakery (WeChat: SweetTart2014)
16. Emma (MUR’s Art World, WeChat: emmamurmur)
17. AkirA Studio (WeChat: AkirA_style)

+ Secondhand by: Tiffany, Azure, Yanru, Yuan Ren, Miao Miao, Aviva, Mina, Serine, Shanshan, Linda, Andrea, Vanessa, Rosie Qin, Chungfun, Leru, Yiteng

Beijing Flea Market 2

Beijing Flea Market 1

Beijing Flea Market 7

Beijing Flea Market 6

Beijing Flea Market 3

Beijing Flea Market 8

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