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The next Beijing Flea Market – a Christmas Special!

Beijing Flea Market - Christmas Market (2)

The next Beijing Flea Market, presented by Thrift, will be a CHRISTMAS MARKET, and it promises to be one of our biggest and best yet, with tables set up both inside and outside on the rooftop terrace (where there will be space heaters and lots of mulled wine). Saturday, December 5 from 11 am to 5 pm. Don’t miss it!

Some confirmed vendors:

1. Bonne Nani Homemade Jams & Chutneys
2. Sweet Tooth
3. Two Guys and a Pie
4. Papp’s Tea (Rachel Xie)
5. Reshma Khan
6. Shangrila Farms
7. Miss Muesli
8. Big Bear Baked Goods
9. Soso
10. Cebula (Monika Luka) (wants table next to wall)
11. MF
12. Zanta
13. Jack
14. Liuba Draws
15. The Bookworm
16. Scarves (Amy)
17. Mingwei Zhu
18. Yellow Pummelo (Victoria Kong)
19. Cookbooks (Olivia)
20. Culturally Confused Design (Hannah Kay)
21. Velveteen’s Secret Potions (Fran Hashing) + Chizi
22. Happy Tape
23. sudongwei9215 (handmade jewelry and bags)
24. duandeqin (vintage)
25. Monikards
26. Christmas Wrapping / Skoose bows (Anja)
27. This City Art (Martin Mol)
28. Vintage 1936
29. Teibido Studio
30. Living Nepal
More information in the days to come.

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