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The Bookworm’s Poetry Open Mic This Tuesday


Everyone could use more poetry in their lives. The Bookworm’s monthly poetry open mic is tomorrow. Words begin at 8 pm, and it’s free to spectate. Those who are interested in reading their work should email to sign up for a five-minute slot.

And now, two poems excerpted for your attention:

Elegy for My Mother’s Mind, by Laura Van Prooyen in The Prairie Schooner

When I steady your step on the stairs, you ask not once but twice
where we’re going—to the car, to the store, Mom, remember?

You laugh and say you thought we’d be walking and we are,
right into the part of your brain where you’ll lose me, lose

the child who picked all 43 tulips you waited a solid Chicago winter
to watch bloom. Lose the girl who pedaled her Schwinn

up and back the U-shaped driveway while you fried bacon
behind the evergreens in an electric pan so the house wouldn’t smell.

(Read the rest of the poem here)

Reading Orders, by Yi Sha (translated by Martin Winter)

in these few days
I’ve read them again and again
four pages of orders
left behind by the suicide terrorists

“now is the time
you have to get up
get dressed as fast as you can”
so I get up
get dressed

“now is the time
go wash yourself
go to the bathroom
look into the mirror
get rid of unnecessary
small hairs on your face”
so I wash myself
and listen to
the sound of my razor

(Read the rest of the poem here)

Tuesday, November 24, 8 pm – FREE
Word of Mouth – The Bookworm’s poetry open mic

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