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Renowned Australian Storyteller William Yang at The Bookworm

William Yang

Australia’s celebrated multidisciplinary artist William Yang will perform The Story Only I Can Tell, an autobiographical masterpiece exploring the central threads of his search for identity, tomorrow at The Bookworm.

Yang, who was born of Chinese/Australian parents, grew up strongly identifying as Australian, although he looked Chinese. He suffered because of the way he looked as he was not as he appeared to be. He is also gay. He liberated himself from social expectation, and his search for identity is one of the main themes of his work.

The Story Only I Can Tell is a talk with image projection that tells the fascinating story of Yang’s life. His forebears migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago and subsequent generations adapted to Western culture. He grew up in North Queensland on a tobacco farm, and has made his way in the world as an architect, a playwright, a photographer, a visual artist, a filmmaker, and now a storyteller. He has led a varied life, working alongside many of Australia’s best-known artists from all artforms, including Patrick White, Brett Whitely, and Jenny Kee.

Tickets for this show are available at The Bookworm and online; you can also reserve by calling 6503 2050 or emailing

Wednesday, November 11, 7:30 pm

85 RMB (75 RMB members)


Praise 媒体评论集锦:

“William Yang’s performances are among the enduring pleasures of Australian theatre.”                              —— The Australian


“(succeeds) in reminding us how elemental great theatre can be, and how easily it can connect hearts and minds, even when they are seemingly split asunder, by what sometimes appear to be impassable cultural divides.”        ——, Australia



“The strength of the work, apart from its structure, is the beauty of the images. The portraits shimmer with live.” —— Sydney Morning Herald


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