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Movie Monday: Zhou Hao’s “Cop Shop”

Our Chinese Documentary Film Series returns to the work of Zhou Hao, who films Guangzhou police at work in Cop Shop (2009).

You can read a review of the film here, by Dan Edwards:

It was with some surprise, then, that I found myself sympathising with the officers in Zhou Hao’s films. The first Cop Shop plays out mainly around the front desk of the police station, where a constant stream of characters from the square outside come in looking for food, shelter, advice, train tickets and money. It’s a grim snapshot of the desperation that China’s economic boom has generated alongside pockets of wealth. The police spend most of their time deflecting those looking for help, directing many to a nearby “social aid centre.” Judging by the reluctance of many to visit the centre, conditions there appear bleak.

And a synopsis:

It is by no means easy to film a police station in China, and more so when it comes to the busiest one in Guangzhou – the police post at the train station. Zhou Hao’s Cop Shop features what resembles a cross section of society moving in and out of the station, from unpaid workers to petty thieves and scavengers.


Run Time: 56 minutes

Monday, October 26, 8 pm

20 RMB

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