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Tonight, The Goldkorn Returns for a Live Sinica Taping

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Raconteur, rabble-rouser, and the enfant terrible of the airwaves Jeremy Goldkorn is reuniting with the boys tonight when the one-and-only Sinica podcast — the best radio show on China you’ll find today — records live from The Bookworm. Goldkorn was a Sinica original, but you might also know him as the founder of Danwei and an all-around pleasant guy — when he’s not calling out CCP officials as c*nts, of course.

Tickets are still available at the bookstore or online. You can also reserve by emailing or calling 6503 2050. The event begins at 8 pm. Don’t miss it.

Also present at the recording will be:

Kaiser Kuo, the original Beijing headbanger; Kaiser is a 20-year China vet who is currently the director of international communications at Baidu. You might also recognize him from Saturday’s China 10 Game Show.

David Moser, Ph.D. in Chinese studies, was a visiting scholar at Peking University in 1987-1990 before eventually returning to become Academic Director at CET Chinese Studies at Beijing Capital Normal University, where he currently teaches courses in Chinese history and politics.

Eric Abrahamensen, a translator extraordinaire who first came to Beijing in 2001. He manages Paper Republic and edits Pathlight Magazine, a website and literary journal that brings Chinese literature to an English-speaking audience.

Wednesday, September 23, 8 pm

50 RMB (40 RMB members)

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