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Bookworm Book Club Selection: Susan Barker’s “The Incarnations”

Susan Barker - The Incarnations

Our next Bookworm Book Club selection has arrived! Susan Barker’s The Incarnations — hailed by The Independent as “China’s Midnight’s Children” — follows a modern-day Beijing taxi driver whose past lives haunt him through a series of mysterious letters.

Writes the Guardian:

As each new character appears, the reader searches for the identity of the letter writer. Could it be old lover Zeng with his dragon tattoos and scarred face? Wang’s mother returned from the dead? Or something altogether stranger? It isn’t necessary to believe in reincarnation to appreciate this book. It may all be neurotic fantasy, but as a device for forcing the reader to look closely and ponder deeply, it works beautifully. The relationships are multilayered and troublesome in so many ways, and strong as the many bonds are, no one seems capable of making anyone else happy. What is this drama being played out so intensely over so many ages? Where did it begin and where will it end? And where does the present fit into it all?

We’ll meet to discuss this book on Wednesday, August 19 at 7:30 pm at The Bookworm.

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