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Back-to-back events this Sunday: Buy 1, get 2nd half-price

We’re hosting a doubleheader this Sunday at The Bookworm: at 6 pm, the Pathlight crew will be here to talk about the translation and magazine-production process in China. At 8 pm, author/composer Jindong Cai will give a special book talk on Ludwig van Beethoven, which the Chinese public enthusiastically embraced in the early 20th century. If you buy a ticket to one Sunday event, you can get a ticket to the other Sunday event for half-price.

Both tickets come with free drinks. (To really spice up your Sunday evening, get a happy hour cocktail!)

Full event descriptions:

Many Paths: Pathlight in Multiple Languages


Pathlight editors discuss the process of producing a magazine in multiple languages: French, German, Italian and Japanese. Head editor Shi Zhanjun and writer Xu Zechen will be speaking at the event.

Pathlight is an English-language literary magazine produced by Paper Republic and People’s Literature Magazine (《人民文学》杂志社). Pathlight aims to introduce the best new writing and poetry from China, with occasional detours.

Sunday, August 30, 6 pm

50 RMB (40 RMB members)


Beethoven in China

Beethoven in China 2

Jindong Cai, who co-authored the book Beethoven in China: How the Great Composer Became an Icon in the People’s Republic, will explain why the Chinese were so enthusiastic about Beethoven’s works, and why they embraced this German as one of their own.

This book talk will be moderated by fine arts journalist Nancy Pellegrini.

Sunday, August 30, 8 pm

50 RMB (40 RMB members)

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