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An Evening with Swedish Poetry, August 27

Swedish Poetry

Four poets from Sweden will come together at The Bookworm next Thursday (August 27, 7:30pm) in a free reading, touching on memories, identities, personal and philosophical perspectives on life and love. 

The poems will be read in English, with the text projected behind them in both English and Chinese.

Please allow us to introduce (in order of how they’re pictured above, moving clockwise from the top left):

Maria Küchen (b. 1961) has published around thirty books in Swedish – poetry, prose and reflections. She writes criticism and essays for various periodicals, leads creative writing workshops and teaches essay writing at the Lund University authors’ school. Her seventh book of poetry, The Marine Rosary, will be published in Sweden this autumn. She is currently finishing a collection of essays on flying, to be published next year.

Magnus William-Olsson (b. 1960, Stockholm, Sweden), poet, literary critic, and translator, has published nine volumes of poetry, four books of essays on poetry, and two books of autobiographical short stories. He has translated poetry from ancient and modern Greek (Sappho and Cavafy), Spanish (Antonio Gamoneda, Alejandra Pizarnik and Gloria Gervitz), and Danish (Pia Tafdrup) into Swedish. William-Olsson is the editor-in-chief of two series of books and has been awarded several prizes, among others the Karl Vennbergs pris (2995) Bellanpriset (2010) and Gunnar Ekelöfpriset (2011).

Since 2003, he has been head of FSL (the free seminar for literary critique), an interdisciplinary seminar gathering critics, artists, poets, translators, philosophers, scholars, musicians, composers, actors, etc. to discuss “art’s knowledge, knowledge’s art.” The seminar has taken place at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Stockholm University of the Arts.

Athena Farrokhzad (b. 1983) lives in Stockholm. She is a poet, literary critic, translator, playwright, and teacher of creative writing. After several years of collaborative poetry projects she published her first volume of poetry in 2013, Vitsvit (White Blight). The book circles around the topics of revolution, war, migration, and racism, and how these experiences condition the lives of different members of a family. Vitsvit has been translated to several languages and turned into a play. The same year, her first play, Päron, premiered at Ung scen /öst. She teaches creative writing at Biskops-Arnös författarskola. Her second volume of poetry, Trado, written together with the Romanian poet Svetlana Carstean, will be published later this year.

Niclas Nilsson (b. 1971) is a poet and translator. He has published three collections of poetry, the latest of which is Mene tekel (2015). Translated authors include Lyn Hejinian, Anne Sexton, Rosmarie Waldrop, Don DeLillo, and Marilynne Robinson.

The event will be hosted by Lan Xu (b. 1968), who is a translator, literature journalist, and editor. She is the founder of the Swedish Cultural Association Erya, has written reviews for the SvD, Sydsvenska, and the literary magazine Karavan, and has translated poems by Thomas Tranströmers and A Story of Guqin by Cecilia Lindqvist. She is the former literary editor for the magazine Kinarapport, and has also published short stories and poems both in Chinese and Swedish. Xu was born in Chengdu and currently lives in Stockholm.

Thursday, August 27, 7:30 pm



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