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Whisky Wednesday Featured in Smart Beijing

The Bookworm Whisky Wednesday 3

Morgan Short profiled Whisky Wednesday in Smart Beijing recently, calling The Bookworm “one of the better stocked bars for whiskey” and taking some amazing pictures. He offered some of his personal tasting notes for the Introduction to Scotch flight, one of 15 three-whisky flights available for tasting by reservation (via email:

Glenfiddich 12: “Tastes rich. Tastes important. But also celebratory. Tastes like it should be reserved for university graduations. It tastes like the distilled pure essence of a university graduation.” 

Cragganmore 12 “Smooth. Honey. A bit oily. Pretty tasty. Tastes really pricey. Like precious gems dunked in magician potion. Tastes like wizard sweat. Try to steal this bottle.” 

Laphroaig 10: “Tastes like blowing a burning pirate ship.”


There you have it. Good times. Would repeat. 

We’ll forgive him for spelling whisky with an e.

The Bookworm Whisky Wednesday 2

The Bookworm Whisky Wednesday 1

Photos by Morgan Short for Smart Beijing

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