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New at The Bookworm: Handcrafted & Small-Batch Gins from Oregon, USA

Bookworm Oregon Gins (rotated small)

We’ve obtained three fantastic gins we think you’ll like. All are craft-distilled and small-batch from Oregon, USA, each with an interesting backstory and excellent for sipping or cocktails. They’re so great that we’ve built a special gin cocktail menu around them!

[Bookworm Gin Menu – English :: 老书虫美国俄勒冈州手工酿造金酒]

Here’s more information, via our newly created gin page (

SPECIAL EVENT NOTICE: On Saturday, August 15, we’re hosting a special rooftop tasting of these three gins. 160 RMB will get you a glass of each, PLUS a free cocktail made with one of them (add 10 rmb for the martini). Availability is limited, so reservation is required by emailing Click here for more information.


All Ransom spirits are distilled in a hand-hammered, direct-fired French alembic pot still, resulting in greater retention of aromas. The Dry Gin is fashioned after Holland’s renowned wine genevers, combining maltiness and hop aromas with an intense botanical infusion. Highly aromatic, not least of which because it includes Oregon’s iconic marionberry.

Per glass (45 mL): 50 RMB

Great for: Gin and Tonic


A treat for history buffs: Old Tom is a revival of the predominant gin in fashion during the mid-1800s during the golden age of the American cocktail. The recipe was developed by author, history, and mixologist extraordinaire David Wondrich. Aged 3-6 months in French barrels, giving it positively whisky characteristics.

Per glass (45 mL): 65 RMB

Great for: Tom Collins, Old Fashioned


The New Deal Distillery, based in Portland, uses natural and organic ingredients with water that’s considered among the purest in the United States. Its custom-designed stills pull oils, tannins and heavier elements from the botanicals during the distillation. The No. 1 gin is distilled with organic juniper – and only juniper – creating a savory, deep, full-bodied gin with a crisp finish.

Per glass (45 mL): 55 RMB

Great for: Bee’s Knees, Martini

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