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The Beijinger Online Bookclub

We’ve recently partnered up with our pals at the Beijinger for a new online bookclub.

From the Beijinger:

OK, so we dig Chinese films. Chinese art is pretty cool these days, too, and we know Beijingers are all over local indie bands and hot Chinese designers. But what about literature? Are we stuck with the classics about weak, ailing women and misbehaving monkeys? Or sensationalist crap gunning for the “Banned in China!” sticker? Isn’t there more for those of us who want a rich literary look at this nation’s modern milieu?

The answer: Yes, a thousand times yes! (Maybe more like three times.) The current list of good, relevant contemporary works translated into English is small, but it’s expanding. Join our new Online Book Club as we stand at the digging of a new wellspring of wordsmithery, buckets in hand.

The first bookclub selection is The Magician of 1919 by Li Er – just in time for his booklaunch here at The Bookworm on Tuesday, September 27th.

How it works:
Sign up to the online bookclub here or email to with your name and phone number.
Stop by The Bookworm to purchase the book and receive a 10% discount.
Read some of upcoming author Q&As and guided reading questions – and then start commenting in the online forum.

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