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A bustling hive of literary activity, The Bookworm is forever expanding its book offering — at the last count, we were able to boast 16,112 titles on our library shelves. You can borrow them by becoming a Bookworm member (purchase your membership in person or online); our Lending Library page has more information.

In addition to our wide range of tomes, we host many regular community events, including movie nights, open mic, readings, and book talks. The Bookworm is also the go-to venue for visiting authors, as we are committed to being a platform for the positive exchange of ideas and free expression.

Our restaurant is well loved for its tasty menu, including Western and Chinese food, appetizers and desserts. Also on tap are craft beers, and on the shelves are some of the finest whiskies in town.

It’s easy to see why The Bookworm is such a hit among Beijingers; where else can you while away the hours savouring fabulous fare, browsing thousands of books, sipping good espresso, being regaled by eminent authors, catching up with friends over your favourite tipple, or simply just checking your emails? The spacious, interconnecting rooms with floor-to-ceiling books on every wall are light and airy in the summer, cosy and snug in winter. And the roof terrace is perfect for yard-arm cocktails.

Book lovers, old China hands, newcomers, students and business travelers alike unite at The Bookworm. Our coffee’s always freshly ground, our chocolate cake voluptuous and our staff delightful.

Drop in sometime and join us!


9 am — midnight every day


General Inquiries – Peter Goff & David Cantalupo

Book Orders & Ticket Reservations

Events, Marketing, Library & Bookshop – Karen Tong

Banquets, Food & Beverage – Michael Wang

Literary Festival & China Bookworm Press – Peter Goff

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Other Projects


The China Bookworm Press was founded in 2015 as an independent publisher of contemporary Chinese writing in translation. The Press seeks to publish leading contemporary fiction and non-fiction from China and make it available in both the original Chinese and to a wider international audience in translation.




Since 2006, the Bookworm has presented the Bookworm Literary Festival every March, a celebration of literature and ideas featuring writers, thinkers, artists and performers from China and beyond. The events primarily take place in The Bookworm in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou, and in sister venues across China. The program includes book talks, panel discussions, writing workshops and performances, plus a Children’s Program with writing and illustration workshops and interactive storytelling sessions, and a Chinese-language program presenting international authors to a Chinese audience.




MaLa is a literary journal that presents China from multiple angles in the form of short fiction, literary non-fiction and poetry, supported by features, reviews, art and photography. MaLa brings to light new works in translation by Chinese writers, as well as original writing in English by foreign residents of China and Chinese writers living overseas.




In October 2014, The Bookworm launched the project Flash Europa 28 in association with the Delegation of the European Union to China in order to bring creative short fiction from all 28 EU member states to the interested Chinese reader.



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